Why choose feedy

All in One

feedy is a fully integrated, flexible part feeding system with optimally coordinated subsystems such as image processing, material flow, robotics and process monitoring. The clearly defined framework conditions in an encapsulated system allow us to optimize the entire parts handling process at our plant. As an end customer, you receive a process-reliable, tested unit that you only have to install in your production plant. No need to worry about the sophisticated software modules of image processing, robotics and process control.

One for All

With feedy you can easily feed various parts as bulk material. feedy puts them in the right position and moves them quickly and reliably into the subsequent production step. This allows parts to be conveyed at cycle rates of up to 40 pieces per minute. Thanks to its patent-pending orientation process, one and the same device can feed different parts of the same type, such as stamped-bent parts, plastic parts, pre-assembled assemblies, screws, nuts and similar parts with edge lengths between 3mm and 50mm. For each component to be fed, our engineers will develop the appropriate part program and the optimum gripper (or suction cup) for you, in special cases also a structured vibratory plate.


Compared to conventional, individually developed feeders, feedy offers a particularly high degree of investment security. Who knows which parts you will be processing in a few years? Conventional feeding systems often have to be completely replaced when changing products – unlike feedy. It can be reconfigured by developing a new application program and the corresponding grippers (or suction cups) for you. In this way, the value of the investment is maintained over a longer period of time.

Plug & Produce

All complex interfaces of the subsystems are located inside the device and are factory tuned. This means that neither time-consuming integration of image processing and robotics nor lengthy process optimizations are necessary anymore. Our aim is to supply you with a completely configured and tested device for your parts. In this way, we can guarantee high process reliability, fast integration into your production plant and smooth commissioning. Simply install feedy in your assembly, packaging or production plant, connect the signal inputs and outputs to your controller and off you go. Benefit from additional flexibility in planning with a delivery time of only 5 weeks.

Single minute retooling

The change from one part program to another takes place in just a few steps. Empty the unit using the user-friendly maintenance drawer. Replace the gripper and, depending on the component, the vibrating plate completely without the use of tools. Select the setup of the desired component on the wireless touch panel and fill the device with the selected bulk material.

Industry 4.0

feedy is state of the art when it comes to connectibility. It has direct remote maintenance access and, in line with Industry 4.0, and integrated camera. These allow our application specialist to look into your device and help you debugging and servicing it. In this way we ensure that we can support you efficiently at all times and that no valuable production time is lost.